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AKA Experiments in Video Rendering and Image Generation

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3D ray tracer written in C++

Final project for CPSC 478 with Theodore Kim at Yale University. Renders 3D models from .stl files. Uses motion tracking data for animation. Implements depth of field, motion blur, and volumetric lighting.

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Unity shaders written in HLSL

Two shaders written for use in Unity games. Simulates volumetric light for 2D scenes. Shaders written in HLSL. Supporting scripts written in C#.

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Particle simulator written in C++

Simulated particles are placed in a 2D field of forces determined by slowly evolving Perlin noise. The path of particles is traced over time to produce a frame-by-frame animation.

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Experimental animation written in C++

Creative use of particle simulation to produce an animation. An invisible source shoots simulated particles in all directions. Particles are affected by two invisible magnets which slowly move towards the center of the scene over time.

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