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Fireworks (2022) - Unity2D, C#, Node.js, p5.js, WebSockets, SuperCollider

Senior project in Computing and the Arts. Interactive audio-visual installation piece in which many participants design and launch fireworks into a shared sky. Users join from any internet-connected device. Network communication is supported by an HTML website and a custom Node.js server hosted on AWS

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Musical Ball Box (2022) - Unity2D, C#, ChucK for Unity

Experimental music creation tool. Players launch balls in a 2D box. Each ball represents an audio source. As balls bounce and collide, effects such as pitch shift, filtering, and gain attenuation are applied to audio sources.

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Summer 2022 Prototypes - Unity2D, C#

A series of 5 prototypes exploring areas of 2D game development including platforming, live music generation, dialogue systems, 2D level design, and other miscellaneous topics.

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Beat the Odds (2022) - Unity2D, C#

Narration-driven point-and-click puzzle game developed with a collaborator for the 2022 GMTK Game Jam. Ranked #2086 overall out of 6,110 entries. Ranked #1286 in the creativity category. Developed in 48 hours.

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Virus Destroyer! (2021) - Unity2D, C#, iOS, Android

Arcade-style casual game. Submitted for KPI testing with multiple mobile game publishers. Self published on the App Store and Google Play Store

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Magnets in Space (2020) - Unity2D, C#, iOS, Android

Physics-based puzzle game. Submitted for KPI testing with multiple mobile game publishers. Self-published on the App Store and Google Play Store

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Check out my YouTube channel for a complete collection of works! A selection of works (the ones that fit nicely into playlists) can be found here

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If you're interested in working together, send me an email!

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